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New Room - New energy

Well, has been a busy few weeks getting the new treatment room ready for use but, we did it :-) I am absolutely thrilled with the new space, it feels calm, light and airy and will suit my business perfectly going forward. I have reintroduced Indian Head Massage now as I have the room to be able to accommodate this treatment in this new room. I think it's been a good decision to work separately from the house, it means I can control all the precautionary covid measures in place as it's a dedicated space that only I (& my clients use). All booking are done with this in mind, I allow plenty of time between clients to clean and change everything. I still have automatic hand sanitisers for entry and exit and the NHS Track & Trace QR code displayed if you wish to check in. Suffice to say, I'm very happy and I know all my clients will be too :-)


All change :-)

Another lock down, another change! Having used the new treatment room that was separate to the house for a while when we were allowed to reopen last year, I decided it was just too small for ongoing/permanent use. So, I am having a new, bigger treatment room which will still be separate but big enough to do all the therapies without compromise. As I was changing rooms, I decided to go the whole hog and revamp the branding too! :-) I do love a project.


Reflexology Lymph Drainage REVISITED

Well, during the various lock down periods, I've been trying to utilise my time wisely. During the 1st lockdown we created a new treatment room space, separate to the house with its own entrance. This new area has worked well and whilst it is smaller than the original treatment room, it's been a great success :-) I quite like the home/work separation, and it's a manageable commute to work (about 30 meters!) ;-)

I've also been busy doing CPD (continued professional development) when available. I managed to do a socially distanced face to face course during the summer last year, this was for Nerve Reflexology. I've sat in on a number of Zoom and Facebook live seminars for all things Reflexology, I've done an Indian Head Massage Refresher course via zoom with self care tips, listened to inspirational authors talk about their books during live Q&As online. Now, I have the opportunity of doing a refresher course for the wonderful Reflexology Lymph Drainage protocol, this will be via zoom at the beginning of February. I am really looking forward to this refresher course. This particular focused variation of Reflexology is nothing short of AMAZING! As a number of my clients will agree. It's not so much I need reminding of the million and one reasons why this variation is fantastic, it's more I want to go back to basics with it again, it's always a good idea to revisit something you do often, it shines a light on what you're doing and gives you an opportunity to hone further. I can't wait to see all my clients again, I can't wait to start having treatments myself again :-) Until then, keep safe and well xx



I am now offering the ultimate in IHM! Hot oil Indian Head Massage. A truly wonderful treatment that not only relaxes and de-stresses but also nourishes the hair leaving it feeling smoother. The Hot Oil version of IHM incorporates gentle hair brushing, application of the hot oil (which is heated using a Bain-marie method and I use either sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut), the oil is massaged into the hair scalp, you will also experience a tension busting back/neck/shoulder and arm massage, followed by a calming and invigorating scalp massage, facial pressure points and gentle facial massage is also incorporated and the treatment ends with a little more scalp/back massage. It's heavenly and now available for you to book :-)


Holistic Facials

I have completed the extra training in order to offer Holistic Facials and am happy to say, I am now certified. It was an intensive course but thoroughly enjoyable and I'm excited to be able to offer this treatment as either a stand alone treatment or bolt it on to Indian Head Massage, Reiki or Reflexology. I will be using products sourced from "The Green People" a local, independent company with solid ethics. It's a wonderfully relaxing treatment and will leave you feeling lighter and your face will definitely be happier!


Crystal Reflexology

I am now offering Crystal reflexology, simply amazing to work with Mother Nature's own amplifiers :-) The course was absolutely wonderful, really atmospheric as it was conducted in a yurt - almost magical :-) We got to learn about some specific crystals and work with them too (always fantastic when it comes to the practical element as it means we all get a treatment!) A fascinating day and the energy was palpable -
it was quite remarkable :-) The Crystal Reflexology treatment concentrates on the points of the feet that represent the chakras (energy centres). This is interspersed with normal Reflexology using hands. Crystal wands are also used throughout the treatment - gentle pressure only though as these crystals are powerful enough :-) A treatment that will leave you rested, calm but re-energised. So glad I attended this course as it will enable me to really concentrate on areas of note with a helping hand from Mother Nature. Never had Crystal Reflexology? then definitely give it a go...


Reflexology Lymph Drainage

I completed a course in Reflexology Lymph Drainage in July this year and have just submitted my Case Studies. I was utterly blown away by this therapy when I did the course and am even more so now I have completed a case study who presented with lymphoedema in her left arm, the reduction in both lymph and associated sensations has been incredible! I am so excited to roll out this treatment and start offering it to my clients. MLD (lymphatic drainage massage) is used to treat lymphoedema and other conditions too, RLD may be used similarly. Conditions such as PMS, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Eczema, Arthritis, Sinus problems, Muscular tension. I will be adding RLD to my website in the very near future.

BLOG. Gift Voucher - Purple

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers. If you are stuck for ideas on what to get a friend or family member, why not give them the give of relaxation? I have vouchers in £5, £10 & £20 values. A perfect present for someone who has everything as you can never have enough relaxation! These vouchers can be emailed to you to print yourself or you can collect pre-printed ones from me in Ifold. I can also post out but please leave enough time for postie to deliver :-) The cost of postage will be added on to the total and is £0.80, this is for p&p. Payment methods accepted: BACS, CHEQUE, CASH. I'm afraid I'm unable to take card payments at the moment.
If you would like to purchase some gift vouchers, please send me an email, all I need is the person's name to fill in on the voucher and how many you would like to gift. Vouchers are valid for 6 months.


I am really excited to be adding Hot Stone Reflexology to the treatments available. I will be offering this from week commencing 30th January (waiting on the delivery of my stones). It takes a relaxing Reflexology treatment to a whole new level. I will be adding the details in due course :-) xx


Latest news & information

For those of you travelling to far off shores and staying at a hotel that has a Spa, this may be of interest to you! I (relatively) recently went on holiday and was very excited to see that the hotel had an in-house Spa, I was even more delighted when I saw "Reflexology" on the tariff - this is where my elation ended. As a trained Reflexologist, I was expecting certain sequencing, a certain feel, a certain pressure, to be asked certain questions etc. What I got was SO far off the mark, my flabber has never been so ghasted!! This got me wondering, how many people have had their 'first' experience of Reflexology abroad and what were their thoughts? I know that if I had no knowledge of Reflexology, the treatment I had would have DEFINITELY put me off ever trying the therapy again. It was painful, the therapists nails were too long and felt like she was trying to fillet my feet, I was laid on my front which I found uncomfortable. The sequencing was non-existent. To my mind, it wasn't Reflexology. Unfortunately, the language barrier meant I couldn't discuss this with the therapist - even my sharp intakes of breath didn't make her change her pressure. I was so disappointed, not least because I wonder how many others this has happened to and how many would turn their backs on this wonderful therapy because of a negative experience?
Sufficed to say, I didn't have any other treatments there. I will probably have other treatments on future holidays but I will be more careful. And for those that have had an experience like mine - I promise you, Reflexology is not and should not be like that. It's a wonderfully calming, gentle therapy that should leave you floating on air, rested and de-stressed, NOT hobbling to the sunbed to down 4 Tequila Sunrises just to get over the experience! :-(
Jun 7, 2016



I am delighted to tell you that I am completing a course in Indian Head Massage. I am very excited to be doing this course as it feels like a natural progression to me. I can then offer clients Head & Toes! (just missing the shoulders and knees :-))
I will be attending the course at the beginning of April and will have a number of case studies to complete before I can offer it to my lovely clients but I would imagine by May I will be in a position to accept clients wanting an Indian Head Massage, or those that want a full service, how about treating yourself to a Reflexology AND Indian Head Massage treatment - that would really be the ultimate in relaxation!!
I will update on my facebook page too: Please like my page if you're visiting :-)
Lots of Love xx
Mar 4, 2016



I attended a course up in London recently which goes through all the information & tools required to help people on their journey through conception and maternity . A very interesting course and it's given me a greater understanding of the benefits that Reflexology can have with the emotions and stresses that can be associated with this time. Interesting articles and self-help reflexology included, so any clients coming to see me will benefit from some homework :-) Reflexology is about relaxation and re-balancing. What better time to have Reflexology than when you are either planning to have a family or you are expecting? For more information or to book a treatment, please get in touch.
July 16, 2015



I have recently completed a Cancer Care Workshop. It was a very informative course and has given me a greater insight and understanding into treating clients with Cancer, with adapted treatments and the importance of liaising with the client's healthcare team. I am also hoping to volunteer at a local Hospice, offering Reflexology and Reiki to patients and their families. You cannot underestimate the power of touch and the benefits gained from relaxation.
Sep 21, 2015

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